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    "I've made jewelry for many years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE beautiful gemstones. I use only the highest quality gemstones and I appreciate that Healing Trust does as well! This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I get so many compliments wherever I go!"
    - J. Adams, Healing Trust customer

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    Stretch fit for wrists up to 7 inches
    (About the length of 7 quarter coins around your wrist)

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    The confidence bracelet

    Lucky energy attracts prosperity! Focus your intentions to achieve wealth and success with good health. This bracelet combines pure tiger eye beads with four lucky green stones and gold hematite to pull your ambition forward. By blending two colors of tiger eye crystals, you can achieve a stronger sense of confidence.

    The Confidence Bracelet

    Bold and bejeweled, this Feng Shui bracelet will make you walk with confident energy. The bracelet is made using brown and green tiger’s eye gemstone beads with hematite spacers. These beads act as enablers for positive growth and promote goals creation by boosting creativity and clarity of thought.
    Wear it every day to give yourself a deep sense of motivation and an abundance of creativity to get the best out of everything you do.

    The multi-faceted natural patterns and bright colors of the stones make for an attractive and fashion-forward style accessory that you’ll love to wear with all your everyday casuals to work outfits.

    This style is a part of the Bracelets for Goals Collection.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Linda C.
    To tight.

    Should be choice of sizes

    Antoinette W.
    Have to be so careful!

    Absolutely love it! The only problem is I wore it a a few times and the elastic broke 😥

    Alfredo D.
    Muy buena la compre

    Me gusto

    Lisa B.
    Loved so much, I ordered sister one

    This bracelet is so nice and such a good quality that I ordered my sister one right after receiving mine. The beads are so smooth and feel so good. The colors are rich. One of my favorite things about it is how the length is perfect. It’s not too tight but not dangling down my hand. I can wear it to work and not have to worry about it getting close to blood on my gloves. (I’m a lab tech). My wrists are on the smaller side. Not sure if the talk of stones helping body but I swear I feel better since I put it on.

    Gorgeous! Healing Trust Tigers Eye bracelet!

    I absolutely love this bracelet made by Healing Trust! It's brown and green Tiger's Eye with gold hematite spacer beads.Tiger's Eye is a "stone of protection, Tiger's Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.I've made jewelry for many years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE beautiful gemstones. I use only the highest quality gemstones and I appreciate that Healing Trust does as well! One thing about this bracelet that you'll want to know is that the green Tiger's Eye isn't as bright as shown. If that will bother you, you might want to give it some consideration. Although it's not as bright, this bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I get ssi many compliments wherever I go!This is a wonderful gift to yourself or anyone who loves healing gemstone jewelry! I'm letting this one for myself!Highly Recommended!


    It's beautiful and arrived on my day off. I wore it right away. Blessed my bracelet with Holy Water before I wore it. (Dont need anyone else's energies who touched it on me)

    Robert C.
    Beautiful Bracelet

    This is a beautiful bracelet with Tiger's Rye stones throughout. Tiger's Eye is not only a beautiful stone, it has the metaphysical property of being all-seeing.The bracelet is well put together and looks super on the wrist.Highly recommended!

    John W.
    Nice looking bracelet

    The Tiger Eye Bracelet for Men and Women features smaller 8mm stones and hematite spacers. It is a 6.5" bracelet and it is a stretch fit.The stones are predominately brown tiger's eye but there are some green tiger's eye as well.I got this for its energetic properties and it works very well for me.I like the quality of the stones but do wish they were just a little bigger.Overall, this is a nice stretch bracelet with beautiful energetic stones.

    Jaguar J.

    this is a very comfortable bracelet . as far as how it looks and how it is made, it is equal parts impressive. it's darker in person no matter what light is shining on it so i would be aware of that if you're expecting something as light as the picture shows. it's not a deal breaker for me though. i love to wear it with my protection bracelets and evil eye. it's lightweight and thin, so it's perfect for a small female wrist like mine.

    goes well with animal print tops

    This is a very attractive tiger eye bracelet, which I got because the beads go very well with animal print tops which are so popular now. I hope it will give me money luck too! Even if it doesn't I'm very happy with it.

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