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    "Just the right amount of attractiveness to this classy and timeless style. It is my current fave!"
    - Kit G., Healing Trust customer

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    Stretch fit for wrists up to 7.5 inches
    (About the length of 7.5 quarter coins around your wrist)

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    The perseverance bracelet

    The art of never giving up is the answer to success. You will discover the insight to turn every challenge into an opportunity. This monochromatic bracelet is elegantly split with porous black lava stones and polished black tourmaline crystals. Add a drop of lavender essential oil to ground you in the present moment, release stress, and embrace meditative calm.

    The Perseverance Bracelet

    Awaken the hustle muscles within you with this boost bracelet. It is made using hematite and lava rocks, handpicked and polished to perfection.

    The strung beauty doesn’t just look attractive but brings with it an abundance of power and grit. These stones synergize to help you focus on your goals, improve your attitude and enhance your intuition. Add a few drops of lavender oil for added effect. 
    With a renewed sense of calmness, this bracelet will make you open to opportunities that may come your way.

    Edgy and elegant, this bracelet pairs perfectly with any combination that you can muster up.

    This style is a part of the Bracelets for Goals Collection.
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