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    "This is such a unique bracelet in terms of beading color and design, I have never had anything like it before! Great buy!!"
    - Jasmine, Healing Trust customer

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    Stretch fit for wrists up to 7 inches
    (About the length of 7 quarter coins around your wrist)

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    The bright balance bracelet

    Your mind is powerful and insightful. Blue sodalite gemstones alternate with glossy hematite to encircle your wrist with positive energy. Balance your chakras and ground into the present moment with overflowing self-love and acceptance. These powerful crystals provide a deep sense of calm to overcome panic attacks and indecision.

    The Bright Balance Bracelet

    Let the healing powers of blue sodalite and hematite fill you with gratitude and self-love. The deeply enchanting allure of blue sodalite is balanced by the mystique of hematite, giving you an accessory that gleams with positivity.

    The bountiful gifts of these crystals will offer a radical transformation in your personality—one that’s calm and content.
    The pretty colors of the bracelet wrap your wrist with care and add a touch of elegance that won’t go unnoticed. Wear it solo or stack it with our other bracelets for an added effect.

    This style is a part of the Bracelets for Happy Mood Collection.
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