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    All of our Healing Trust products are a natural way to enhance your energy, mindset, well-being, and spirituality. Healing crystals should never be used as a substitution for proper medical treatment or to diagnose medical conditions. The information provided, regarding the metaphysical healing properties and/or meanings of crystals, is not intended as healthcare advice or prescription information. Just like with other complementary products and services (for example, exercise and massage), it's important to understand that healing crystals are intended to complement an existing healthcare program, not to replace it. For medical advice, always consult a certified medical professional.

    Please keep in mind that while testimonials come from our Healing Trust customers, they do not guarantee specific results. 

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Some items may contain small beads which could cause choking and/or death if swallowed. Our products are not intended for children under 3 years old.

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