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    "I love this bracelet, it really does help with my anxiety. It could just be a mental thing but it helps me with refocusing. I feel like it keeps me grounded. 5 stars good vibes!"
    - Crystal Healing Trust customer

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    Stretch fit for wrists up to 7 inches
    (About the length of 7 quarter coins around your wrist)

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    The goal getter bracelet

    You're someone that say-it-and-will-do-it type. Black tourmaline, black lava stone, and gold-tone hematite are connected in a balanced design that encourages you to accomplish your goals with ease. With a drop of lavender essential oil, you can settle into calm and make confident, stress-free decisions. These charged stones bring mindfulness to the forefront and match it with good luck.

    The Goal-Getter Bracelet

    Ward off dark energies and negativity with the help of this meditative bracelet’s protective properties. Made using black tourmaline and lava stone, this handmade bracelet displays a sense of mystery that is enchanting and positive. Not only does it repel negative energies, but also attracts positive ones.

    Harnessing the abundant properties of the earth, lava rock beads also help keep you grounded and focused on obtaining your life goals.

    With a clear mindset, you’ll be ready to show off your classy style wherever you go. The versatile bracelet coordinates well with any ensemble from dress clothes to everyday casuals.


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